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Have you ever had to sacrifice something to bring back something or someone you love? Peggy McAloon is here today to talk about the second book in her Lessons from Fiori series, Missing. Elle’s brother has been kidnapped. Will she be able to save him?

About the Book

Kidnapping. Monsters. Magic.

Missing Cover for Kindle 12 1 15Elle’s desperate to find her kidnapped brother. She teams up with the winged warriors from the dimension of Fiori to save him, but JJ isn’t the only one in danger. What will Elle sacrifice to bring her brother home? Can she fulfill the ancient prophecy and restore the magic of the Bronze Pendant?

You will love this Coming of Age, action-packed fantasy for middle-grade readers. Elle Burton’s goal is to rescue her brother. What she discovers is pure evil. The author provides a female role model who strives to overcome her flaws and inspire kids everywhere.

“Missing” blends the magic of a fairytale with the contemporary realities of the world today’s youth inhabit. You will discover a new world order through the journey of a young girl who exhibits both compassion and jaw-dropping courage in her quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Find yourself caught in the ultimate struggle between good and evil. “Missing” is the second book in the “Lessons from Fiori” series.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E5Z668U

About the Author

McAloon_2838Peggy M McAloon is on a mission to inspire kids everywhere to stand up to abuse and bullying. Her “Lessons from Fiori Series” about a young girl from Wisconsin, provides a strong female role model who isn’t afraid to show compassion or hack into a con man’s computer if the need arises. Peggy’s courageous battle with depression, abuse, and a traumatic brain injury has enabled her to identify with both children and adults who have suffered from abuse and bullying.

She’s a retired trainer and speaker in the field of commercial credit. Her first book, “The Art of Business Credit Investigation” was featured in Inc. Magazine. She’s been interviewed by the Associated Press and appeared on news shows in her efforts to protect our water resources.

FACEBOOK AUTHOR PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/peggymoundmcaloon/


LINKEDIN PROFILE: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peggymcaloon

GOOGLE PLUS PROFILE: https://plus.google.com/+PeggyMcAloon

AMAZON AUTHOR CENTRAL: http://www.amazon.com/Peggy-E.-Mound/e/B001KCBZZG

Twitter: @peggymcaloon

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mcaloonp


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There are seventeen prizes with seventeen winners! Peggy is generously giving away 5 signed copies of the first book in her series, Elle Burton, 10 signed copies of her new release, Missing, and 2 replicas of Elle’s necklace.

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Jimmy started pulling on the back of her shirt. His eyes were huge, and he was grinning. She followed his gaze. There was a pigeon on the deck railing. She raced over to the sliding glass door and opened it. Amadeus and Milo flew through the door ahead of her and over to the messenger. Elle carefully picked up Mr. Paws and deposited him outside on the deck.

“Go home, little guy. Your family needs you to go home.” Elle held her breath as the cat meandered across the deck and down the steps into the shadows of the waning evening light.

Within seconds, the two Fiorins returned to the kitchen. Amadeus flew up to Grandma Statler’s face. She was still holding Ginny in a tight embrace. Elle crept closer so she could hear.

“I have an address and names. They are a married couple with the first names of Curt and Dovey. Elle is going to go upstairs now with Wyatt, Milo, and me. I want Bernstein to stay here with you guys for right now. I’ll send word back if we need him. In the meantime, Elle will wish us to the address and use her pendant so they can’t see her. We’ll check on JJ, and then the three of us will stay with him after we send Elle back. We’ll get JJ home. I promise!”

Grandma shook her head.

“Look,” Amadeus said, “this is the only way. It’s up to us. The police have a description, and they’re going to figure it out soon. We need to get there before they do so we can protect JJ if there’s a confrontation. And we need Elle to go with us so we can get there through a wish.” His eyes pleaded with Elle’s grandmother. “We can protect JJ if these people get desperate enough to try to fight with the cops.”

Amadeus placed his hands on his hips as he hovered in front of Grandma Statler’s face. “It’s much easier for Elle to get away right now than for you. If the police try to go to the house before we know whether they have any weapons, someone might get hurt. It’s not going to be JJ, and it’s not going to be Elle. Trust me; I’ll send Elle back immediately. She will not be in any danger. We have to do this, and we need to do it now. They’re getting ready to leave again.”

Grandma closed her eyes. Ginny was still wrapped in her arms. “Elle, could you take my suitcase up to the spare room?” She mouthed the words I love you.

“I sure will, Grandma!” Elle scampered out of the room, followed by Amadeus, Milo, and

Wyatt. Her heart was racing as she picked up the suitcase sitting by the front door.

Jimmy got up.

“I’ll be right back, Jimmy! Keep the puzzle warm!” She felt bad when she saw Jimmy’s excitement turn into a sad puppy dog expression. It was the look kids get when they discover they haven’t made the final cut for the team. She felt a little better when she saw Bernstein fly to his shoulder and whisper into his ear.

She lugged the suitcase up the stairs, hoping they could get to JJ in time. She dragged it over to the guest room and pulled it inside the door.

“I could tell your grandma was scared because her hands were shaking. Don’t worry. I promised Mother Blue I’d keep you and JJ safe, and I intend to keep my promise.”

“I know you’re going to do your best.” Elle smiled at Amadeus, but her excitement at finally being able to get to JJ was replaced by the terror of the unknown. What if she didn’t have the strength to protect her brother?

“Okay, you’ve done this before,” Amadeus said. “The address is on Seventh Avenue South, number three, eight, five, and three in South Minneapolis. Close your eyes and wish us there now.” Amadeus, Wyatt, and Milo hovered around her. “Don’t forget to hold onto the pendant. You have to be invisible when we get there.”

She grabbed the pendant with both hands. It was a gift from Mother Blue, who’d taken it from her own neck and placed it around Elle’s. Elle had unleashed its magic during the rescue of Olivia and her family—she’d needed to get inside their house without anyone seeing her, and the pendant had made her disappear when she held it in her hand. It had also helped her save Pegasus. No one had explained what the pendant could do—they hadn’t known themselves—but she trusted it now.

Elle closed her eyes. The three Fiorins grabbed onto her shirt sleeves.

“Take me to Seventh Avenue South, house number three, eight, five, and three in South Minneapolis and please let me find my little brother safe.”

The hardwood floor shifted under her feet and became soft carpeting. Her eyes flew open.

Her feet were now firmly planted in the living room of a small house. There was a bald man sitting in an old beat-up brown leather recliner. He was holding JJ.

She started to move forward.

Amadeus flew in front of her face and shook his head.

Her brother looked tired, but he wasn’t crying. Elle smiled as he cooed with joy when he saw Amadeus. She almost laughed out loud when Eunie Mae giggled in relief. If only she could say something to her friend. She clutched the bronze pendant with one hand to maintain her invisibility to other humans and waved to Eunie Mae with the other.

I can’t forget and make any sound at all to let these people know we’re here. Please, God, give me the strength to do everything right so we can get JJ home to Mom. I won’t forget my promise.


#1A Missing



The first book in the series, Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals, has been reduced by Amazon. The softcover is at 56% off or $6.11 for the 276-page book. Double check the price before purchasing, though, since Amazon can change the price at any time. Missing is also free on Kindle Unlimited.

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One thought on “Missing”

  1. Thank you for hosting me today, Frances! You picked one of my favorite events in the book: The exact moment when Elle is allowed to use her power of “Wish Travel” to finally discover who kidnapped her baby brother. Thankfully, Elle has the magical pendant from Mother Blue to allow her to remain invisible so the kidnappers don’t know she’s locked into their position! She’s never seen these people before, but at least her brother isn’t in the hands of the evil Mr. Vicker! You are an extremely gracious hostess – Love your website!


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