My Excuses For Being MIA

I just saw my last post and – GASP! – it was nearly two months ago!! I totally didn’t mean to go missing that long, but let me share with you why I have written in a really long time.

~My personal life has been extremely busy. And that’s just stating it mildly. Besides having to do the normal homeschooling, mothering and domestic engineering tasks I do on a regular basis, I’ve had tons of work responsibilities. And to add to that, we had a week-long vacation where I severely limited my technology intake (much needed!). Then on top of all of that, we moved! Moving was probably the worst part of it all because I hate moving. The packing, unpacking, getting this scheduled just right at the right time, getting services, canceling services, the list goes on and on and on. I’m happy to share that we are pretty much all settled now, and Lord willing, this won’t need to happen again!

~The second reason why I’ve not said much in recent months is because I’ve done a lot of “upgrading” so to speak. I’m not really sure I know where to start so this may be random and all over the place, but I’ll try to keep it in order so that it makes sense.

-I created a newsletter! This newsletter is ONLY for those who want to be notified of a new release and/or who want to have the chance of receiving free books. I will only be sending out newsletters a couple times a year so this isn’t something where if you sign up you will be spammed. I also won’t share any of the information that’s given. So if you would like to stay in the loop around new releases and free books, I’d love to have you sign up! You can do so at this address:

-I set up an author email address! This is to serve the purpose of not overusing my personal email and possibly losing something important. I want to make sure readers have the opportunity to contact me and know they will hear back. If you have questions, comments, suggestions or anything you’d like to say to me, you can now do so at this address:

-I redid my book covers! Yes, I know that earlier in the year I had redone some things with Growing Up Neighbors, but truth be told, it still wasn’t something I 100% loved. It was for sure better than the original, but nothing like it is now! I feel so fortunate to be a part of a community of authors that are super duper helpful. Not only that, but these are seasoned, successful authors that know what they are talking about! Over and over I heard them say that it’s super important to have a professional book cover. The pride and arrogance in me thought that didn’t need to apply to me. I thought I could do it all on my own. I don’t need someone else’s help. Slowly, however, this truth kept hitting me and I finally took the plunge to getting my covers professionally done. Saying I love the new covers is an understatement. If you need any design work done, please see Perry Elisabeth Design at – also, please take a look at my new covers! You can do so at the following Amazon addresses: Growing Up Neighbors –  AND Next Door Neighbors –

-I finished writing the rough draft to my latest novel! I’m very excited about this because I’m on track to have a completed product come December. This will make my third novel – all CLEAN, easy to read and sweet love stories. I can’t wait to release it!

-A big task I undertook the last two months was building a website! Having said that, I will no longer be using this blog 😦 BUT do not despair! I have a blog set up on my website that you can follow! There is a section on the top right corner of the blog page that allows you to enter your email address so you can receive an email anytime I write something. I really hope that all my followers here (plus some) decide to follow me there! I really want to stay in touch!! On my website you can also sign up for my newsletter in case you don’t want to go to that site separately. I would really love to have you all take a look at my site. To warn you, it’s nothing fancy. I think it serves the purpose, though. Here’s the address:

OKAY. Deep breath. I “think” that’s it. These last two months have been a whirlwind of sorts so it’s possible I missed something. Just know I’ve been busy, but for good reasons. Thank you for following me here, and I hope to see you “on the other side” (AKA my website, lol)!


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