A Mission Trip

My mom is going on a mission trip to Zambia next February (17-28) with our church, Engedi Church. This is what she’ll be doing:

-She and the team will be leading a 3-4 day Vacation Bible School with 48 children who live at the House of Faith, an orphanage operated by one of Engedi’s partners: NOAH Ministries.
-They will also be attending a local school to work on a creative activity with the children that go there

The goal of this trip is to build relationships with many of the children who love having visitors come and pour into their hearts.

I write this to you all to ask for prayers! The whole team needs prayers before, during and after, as there are a lot of things that are involved with a  trip such as this. Also pray for the children they will encounter, that the love of Jesus will be real and evident to them.

This is the first time my mom has done something like this. If you would have asked me if I could see her going half way around the world to minister to others, I’d laugh and say no way. But her faith, dependence on God and realization that life is more than about ourselves has grown LEAPS and BOUNDS this past year!!! It’s amazing to see. I’m super duper proud of her, and know that her impact is going to be phenomenal (as will the rest of the team’s impact).

One final note…a trip like this is expensive. Here’s the thing, she does not need the money to go. BUT if you want to support her financially (every cent goes directly to the trip and what they will accomplish) and advance the kingdom of Jesus by contributing your resources, please visit: https://app.managedmissions.com/MyTrip/marlyskroll

THANKS SO MUCH!!!! God bless 🙂



Published by: Frances Hoelsema - Author

I am a wife and work-at-home, homeschooling mom of two (so far)! Some things I thoroughly enjoy are traveling, shopping, hiking, chocolate and cats. In my spare time I love to read a feel-good romance novel and write my own stories. Some things I believe in are God, positive parenting, homeschooling, clean eating and never giving up.

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