In The Beginning….

So this is where it all begins….

A few years ago I was deeply inspired to write my first novel. The words came freely, the pages filled quickly, and before you know it, the first draft of novel number one was done. After months of editing and re-reading my story again and again, I felt everything was ready to go. I had a title, a cover page, and a completed novel. Thus, Growing Up Neighbors was born.

My journey to self-publishing and getting the word out there has been interesting. I wasn’t sure how to market my book in a market that is so saturated with tons of choices and good deals. However, thanks to research and coming across a very helpful Facebook group, Clean Indie Reads, I have figured out where to at least start.

I now have a Facebook Author page and a Twitter account, something I never thought I would have because I really was never interested in Twitter. But it’s actually fun, and there is so much support from fellow authors!

Then you have my site here: my first blog and blog post. I’m not sure yet where I’ll exactly go from here, but I’m giving it a shot. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned!!


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